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Envy is very well known for their amazing handlebars, especially Flavio Pesenti's signature Reaper bar which is made of aluminum. With the increasing popularity in aluminum bars Envy knew it was time to release a new model for an aluminum bar and ended up creating a magnificent bar which comes in black, polished, and the most requested color being the oil slick and polished combo! Envy Union bars have the center piece forged and then welded onto the cross bar which then requires a 90 day "curing" process to ensure they will hold up as best as possible.

Please be advised aluminum bars are not recommended for all riders. Aluminum bars are commonly used in the younger and smaller sized rider demographic. Due to aluminum being very lightweight the main factor to take into consideration is that they will not be as strong as a steel/ chromoly or titanium handlebar. Throwing your scooter in anyway whether intentional or not can easily cause these bars to bend or break so please be careful and take these factors into consideration when purchasing the product. 

Weight: 1.95 lbs.

Width: 23"

Height: 25.75"

Material: Aluminum

Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized

Inner Bar Diameter: Standard

Stock Compression compatibility: IHC

Stock Slit: Yes (1.5")

Shape/Profile: Y shape