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Merritt used a traditional clutch style system paired with our 9T Diamond Driver (the driver comes with a lifetime guarantee).  Our driver replaces the small bearings, the most common source of failure in freecoasters, with polymer bushings along its entire length. The hub shell is super slim and CNC’d 6061 aluminum with a hollow chromoly axle. The hub comes set with maximum slack (we recommend running it like this) but adjustment washers are included to reduce slack if desired. Available in RHD and LHD.

Any adjustments to the hub should be done by a professional. A cone wrench MUST be used to disassemble/reassemble the hub. Damaged caused by you not knowing what you’re doing isn’t covered by warranty.

To reinstall the driver and hardware properly:

•Make sure the driver is fully inserted into the hub and clutch is disengaged from hub.

•Hand tighten the inner cone-nut until it contacts the driver bushing, then loosen 1/4 turn.

•While holding the inner cone-nut in position (21mm cone wrench), tighten the locking cone-nut against it. If you have a torque wrench, tighten to 20 lb-ft.